nice to meet you! i'm gaby.

I work with driven women entrepreneurs, empowering them to discover their brand magic and make social media work for them. 

Gabriela Guzman, Founder and Director. 

Gabriela Guzman, Founder and Director. 

When I sit down to discuss branding with a woman who owns her own business, it’s personal. I see their hopes, fears, sweat and drive. Whether she's a young chef starting a cupcake shop or a boomer grandmother with a revolutionary tech idea - there is a lot on the line. I also see the potential - the magic they bring to the table, the online communities they will be a part of and the movements they will start. 



From an early age growing up in Santo Domingo, I was surrounded by powerful and inspiring women. The connection in sisterhood became a foundation of my life. In my late twenties, I followed my calling I set out to work in support of women's rights at Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  Here, I discovered the power of social media to propel ideas, and I never looked back. I later worked at amazing digital advertising agencies and led social media strategies for organizations including Ally Bank, and Tiffany & Co. 

Sisterhood and Connection will always get you through

And then, my life took an unexpected turn. I found myself divorced, became the mother of a beautiful little boy, and moved to a new city - Miami - where I was closer to my village. It was a jolt that gave me the strength of my life, and I felt called to become an entrepreneur. And there when I most needed it, I found a new sisterhood. I began meeting the most remarkable and inspiring women who were starting businesses, going after their dreams and taking control over their lives. Over and over, I heard their struggle with crafting their message and reaching their people. I wanted create a space for them to build the brands of their dreams with their own flavor, philosophy and values. And so, The Jupiter Circle was born. 

My goal is to empower you to use authentic branding and social media to step into your greatest power - the kind that propels your business beyond what you ever thought possible. 

The key to your success is fully embodying your value and individuality with courage and authenticity. No cookie-cutter formulas. I am committed to helping you bring the best of you into your venture and become a magnet for your people. 

Drop me a quick note and learn how you can get started. Once you’re in, you’re part of The Circle.