Gabriela Guzman, Founder and Director. 

Gabriela Guzman, Founder and Director. 

It was Fall 2014. On my birthday I decided to have my astrological chart read. I had just decided I would start my own business. I knew I was a great strategist, but honestly I was terrified. I did not have a clue about entrepreneurship, but everything in me was pushing me to this business. I did not have a choice.

At the reading, I learned Jupiter was catapulting my life over the next few years. This was a transformational moment, and whatever I put energy into - Jupiter would amplify.

I deeply wanted to create a space that felt personal and where people felt connected. I have always referred to my group of friends as "my circle." And so, The Jupiter Circle was born. 

This entrepreneurship journey has taken a few turns and evolved right along with me. As I’ve gotten closer to myself and clearer about my core values, the work has become even more personal, meaningful and impactful. 




I grew up in the Dominican Republic. My experience includes Human Resources, Consulting, non-profit Communications and Advertising. I worked in organizations whose culture was their main asset, and I led social strategies in NYC and Miami for brands including SONY, Tiffany & Ally Bank. After 12 years of corporate and non-profit experiences, entrepreneurship finally feels like home.  

Everyday I’m excited to take the best of my experience and bring it to this venture and make it my own. This means it comes alongside a healthy dose of spirituality, creativity, community, entrepreneur hustle, momma hustle, plátano power (Dominicanness) and fun. When we acknowledge all of us, we realize the important role of story in our lives

I’ve learned that whether we succeed in businesses often comes down to the stories we tell ourselves and tell the world. 


What do we believe is possible? What is the vision we are creating? How are we living true to that vision? How are we telling that story every day?

My story is about women being empowered, following their dreams, creating abundant businesses and driving their own lives. It's about acknowledging each other as full humans - with souls, passions, talents, fears, quirks and joys that don’t “check out” because we’re working.


My story is about proudly owning, living, and sharing our stories as a magnet for abundance. 


Jupiter is a symbol for all that is possible - for dreaming big, taking risks, putting ourselves out there. Branding, Storytelling and Feng Shui are incredibly powerful platforms to own, live and share those stories and those dreams. Through them we get clear, get creative, connect and grow - wherever we put our energy.

Let’s do this.