Start with getting vulnerable

Connect Miami - 10 days to connect with someone across lines of difference starts today! This is an amazing initiative led by our friends at Radical Partners and there are dozens of events happening this week to join. On Wednesday at 4PM EST, I'm hosting a Connect Miami Women Across Generations Facebook Live (and I know you have something to add to that conversation)! Grab your headphones and join in! 

{Below is my blog post in honor of Connect Miami}. 

Start with Getting Vulnerable

The moment I heard about “Connect Miami” I fell in love with the idea. Community and inclusion are two of the values that are closest to who I am. I strive to have an impact where people from different backgrounds, experiences and colors feel more connected and a greater sense of belonging.

With “Connect Miami” we have ten days when we are invited to put ourselves out there into new experiences with new people with whom we normally wouldn’t interact. That could mean going to a neighborhood you’ve never been, truly listening to someone with a different opinion, or having a real conversation with someone with a very different life experience.

It got me thinking deeper about what it really takes to truly connect with someone.

I work with women entrepreneurs, helping them define a brand that is authentic to who they are and their vision. I coach them to see that when they’re able to show up – vulnerably and authentically – that’s when others feel connected to them and they can grow their tribes. When others can see the truest part of you, past the walls we all carry, that’s the part that connects us all.

Brené Brown says that “vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.” I think this is at the core of what “Connect Miami” represents. We’re being asked to start from a place of knowing that we don’t have all the answers. We’re being asked to vulnerably take a chance, to see what we hadn’t seen before, go where we hadn’t gone before, talk to someone we wouldn’t have spoken to before.

Vulnerability means being willing to see yourself and others with compassion, to see the whole person in front of you, to be humble enough to realize we could be surprised, enlightened, moved, or inspired where we least expect it.

It’s about acknowledging that every person has a story and every person is worthy of someone to see and listen to them.

I’m excited for this opportunity where we can each find the strength and courage to be vulnerable enough to truly see one another. I trust there will be some consciousness shifting that will last far past those ten days, and will ultimately help us carry a little vulnerability everyday into being better people and a better city.

Watch that community groooow!

When you're in your groove with your content on social media there are two clear way of knowing it's resonating with others:

  • More people are engaging with you and your content (comments, DM's, Likes) and
  • More people are following you. 

I've met so many entrepreneurs with amazing accounts and so much potential and yet - those numbers for engagement and total followers seem kind of stagnant. 

The reason is we need to learn to engage the right people in theright places in order to start to see an impact. It truly is a matter of replicating your behavior offline to get to know people - but at a wider scale online.

Ask yourself:

  • How much time do you spend everyday proactively seeking out your people online and engaging with them?
  • How personally do you engage with them?
  • How many quality connections do you make regularly?
  • Do you know where to find your people?
  • How strategically are you using hashtags?
  • How quickly and organically are your followers growing?

This really isn't about numbers. This is about finding the people that are going to be excited to have found you and building a quality relationship with them through amazing content and engagement.

One tip to get you started - set a timer everyday and search hashtags and accounts that are related to you and your brand. Click through the people engaging with that content and interact proactively with them. You'll be surprised at the quality connections you'll make.

Let's get personal

A question I always get when teaching workshops is how to deal with getting personal on your brand's social media.

Friday's workshop was all about just that - bringing more of your life, your vibe (thoughts, feelings, passions), your personality into your brand and your ongoing content.

There were some very cautious faces in the room. 

I soon realized there were so many different things holding people back from showing up authentically online, and they ranged from: a fear of being criticized, of how getting personal could hurt their business to a fear of just regretting doing it. 

There are a few universal truths when it comes to branding as entrepreneurs, but one certain one is that people connect with people. To the extent you show up as you are - you will attract the right customers and it will bring you real business.

We took a moment to let ourselves imagine that even if there are a few people who aren't digging us, there could be exponentially more people that would know us and be so excited to follow, engage with us and support us. What if

This week I invite you to a challenge. 

Post something on your brand's social media that feels personal.

It could be:

  • The story of why you started your business.
  • The reason you wake up energized to do this work.
  • The people in your life that matter the most to you.
  • The passions you have outside of work that fuel who you are.
  • The things you're most grateful for in your life and/ or business.

Use the hashtag #jupitersocial. And just see what happens. See how people react to you sharing more of you who are with them. See how seamlessly that starts to blend with what you do and how strongly that connects with others.

On Being Present

On Wednesday I received a message from a friend. These words stood out: "Solange", "private show", "noon", "PAMM", "tomorrow", "hurry!" A Seat At The Table has quickly become one of my favorite albums and I immediately get a ticket. 

Oh, and one more thing. "They'll take your phone for the show." Ok. 

I went alone. It would be my experience. It was undoubtedly one of the most special performances I've ever witnessed - the choreography, the incredible music, the soul, the heart, the energy was delicious. We were enclosed in one of the private auditoriums and it felt like we were in the most amazing dream. 

For the first 15 minutes or so, I found my hands reaching for my phone (that wasn't there) to somehow document what I was witnessing. 

When my brain finally realized that this was it, that the present moment was my one chance to take this in and live it, that's what I did. I made friends with the people around me, I danced with strangers, I sang out loud, I was so aware and fully living it, and on several occasions the #blackgirlmagic I was witnessing moved me to tears.

And I didn't have my phone. I didn't document it and yes, it really happened. 

I spend my days helping women show up authentically online. I certainly don't intend for online to be the only way we show up. I'm coming to understand just how deeply our addiction to our phones is impacting and limiting how we live. 

The past few days I've been charging my phone outside of my bedroom at night, I've been putting my phone in separate case in my bag to make it less accessible. I also have my son call me out if he sees me grab my phone while I'm driving.

I want to live more tapped into what I felt at that concert. I want to live alive and awake and present, and look at people in the eye without reaching for my phone. And yes, later, with time consciously set aside - I want to write beautiful content reflective of my experiences and my point of view and - also - connect with people online.  

Have a wonderful - and present- week! 

The power of setting boundaries

It doesn't sound like the sexiest topic....and yet, it makes space for the most interesting part of you.

One of the major truths of content marketing as an entrepreneur is that the more you are willing to put yourself "out there", the more successful you will be.

The reason? People connect with people. The more you come across as a real human, with passions and interests, the more your people will connect with your content, your brand...and you.

Now, there are some people that hear this and hyperventilate or argue why that just won't work for them. For them and for everyone else - boundaries are the most powerful thing you can define. 

You need to get clear on what you won't talk about

What parts of your life will always stay private? Is there anyone in your life who won't be on your social media? How open will you be about your life, plans, dreams, vision, insights?

Doing this exercise: (1) gets you clear and (2) opens you up to a world of what you can and maybe even want to talk about.

You can be subtle about it. You can open up to the extent that you're comfortable. More importantly, you can make it your own.

We're gonna dig into all of this and more in "Bring Life to Your Brand" on April 28th from 9:30am - 1:00pm. Break out of the mold and let your social media start to sound as unique and amazing as you are. Only a few spots left! Hope to see youthere


Stop sounding "vanilla"




These are all words that people use when describing how they want to be perceived on social media. 

Although those words are solid and should absolutely come across - I absolutely don't want those to be the first words that people use when they describe your online presence. Why? Because there are so many flavors out there and these words are...vanilla. 

How we come across online is a function of so many things, and it includes the content we choose to share and the way we show up - what I call your "vibe". 

Especially if you are reaching consumers directly as an entrepreneur, I want people to use words like "exciting", "warm", "friendly", "cool", and "thrilling" to describe you instead. 

What you're really trying to do is invite people to fall in love with your brand. 

The way you do it is you show a human. You set the boundaries you're comfortable with and then you infuse your personality and pieces of your life into your brand - however you are most comfortable. 

Ask yourself these questions about your online presence:

  • How do you express yourself?
  • How authentically are you showing up?
  • Does your brand feel like you?
  • Does it feel like a robot wrote it?
  • Does your copy sound like the way you speak? 

If people are going to buy into you, they're going to need to see and feel that human touch and feel *your* vibe. 

We're gonna get down and real with digging up your authentic vibe and translating it into social media content on April 28th from 9:30am - 1:00pm at the next The Jupiter Social workshop, "Bring Life To Your Brand." I so hope you'll join us!

The dream of a gorgeous feed

When I started my business in January 2015, I walked into Whole Foods one day with Nadia. I took a photo of these orchids on display. Nadia saw my photo (left), then grabbed my phone, knelt down in three different ways and took her own photo (right). 

On that day I realized that after years in advertising, I could tell when something was well done, but I needed to learn a few things if I wanted to create beautiful images myself.

There's a reason creatives know their thing, and that photographer and designer Instagram accounts are so beautiful. 

Since then I've learned two major things: 

1) My feed doesn't have to be perfectly beautiful and styled like a photographer or a designer. That's not what I'm selling. But...

2) There are simple design & photography principles and tips to make my photos and graphics look exponentially better!  Today I feel happy with a consistent brand on my social media that tells a cohesive visual story.  

Learning to be mindful of my brand colors, my margins, my fonts, and having my go-to apps to create graphics and edit photos has been a game-changer for me. 

I've also been able to apply what I've learned about what works from an engagement standpoint. I know for my brand what a "compelling" image actually means. My feed looks 500% better.

If I can learn to do this, you can too...

If your visuals could use a little help, I invite you join us on March 31st from 9:30am - 3:00pm for "Creating Gorgeous Visuals", the third in The Jupiter Social workshop series. We'll dive into: 

  • Photography fundamentals
  • Graphic design fundamentals
  • Using fonts and colors
  • Account inspiration 
  • Canva tutorial 

You'll practice styling for your brand photos, iphoneography, playing with some of the best apps out there for photo editing and making graphics. It'll be fun and you'll be surrounded by entrepreneurs sharing their feedback and ideas. 

This week only the workshop is available for $120 ($30 discount) using this link. Hope to see you there! 

Have an amazing week!

Where are you coming from?

When you sit down to write content for your brand, what's going through your heart and mind?

Is it... 
"This sounds silly/ stupid"
"I wonder what people are going to think about this"
"I sound ridiculous"
"This isn't me"? 

I've noticed so much hesitation and self-doubt when coaching women to find their voice. Beyond all the accomplishments and strong persona these women have - putting yourself and your brand out there is a pretty vulnerable thing to do.

But being deep in your self-doubt and overly concerned with others is just a crappy place to be coming from when showing the world who you are.

One thing I often recommend people do when they feel this way is that they grab a journal and just write. If you're a voice-note person, send yourself a voice recording. Be free to go on and on about the topic you'd like to discuss - whether it's your expertise or your personal life. Do it for you - fearlessly and privately. A day later, come back to it. See if there are any pieces of what you expressed that you would feel comfortable sharing with the world. And if so, go ahead and do it.

We can all get wrapped up in wondering how we're coming across. We forget we're all on the same boat. We're all putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable in one way or another doing so. When we start practicing boldly being ourselves and sharing our passions - that's the true beginning of connecting as a brand and as people. 

Strategy over Tactics

I accepted my first job in Communications in the fall of 2009. On that first day, I walked out of the subway on a crisp, beautiful day and could not have been more excited to start my role as the Online Latino Advocate for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. I was 29, changing careers, pregnant, and yet I felt complete certainty this role and new community was the path for me.

Facebook had just started Brand Pages, Twitter was hot, Instagram did not exist and neither did Pinterest. We even still had a MySpace account that got some traction.

There are many things that are different since that time when it comes to how we market online. But there are so many others that are still true. The things I learned at that job and later at advertising agencies about how you define a strategic framework to think about communications strategies online -have not changed.

The thing that often stresses people out about social media is the ever-changing nature of it, like "Do hashtags work in the Instagram comments anymore? What are new ways to use Pinterest? What's the deal with video on Facebook?" These are the tactics.

When you're confident you know how you're going to think about and plan your brand and social media as a tool to nurture your customers and grow your business - that's strategy.

This is where the power is.

Of all the questions I get about branding and social media, 90% are about strategy. They feel stressed out because they haven't defined how to think through an approach that both works and is right for them. 

This is a big reason why I started Group Strategy Days. Every other month, six women get together to learn my full strategic framework for branding and content.

In this room, you'll be able to learn principles that you will still apply years from now - as well as the tactics you can try now to grow your following and be smart about your social media.

The next one is coming up Tuesday, March 14th from 9am - 3pm, and it won't happen again until May. 


If you've been waiting for the right time to fully and authentically define your brand and a plan for your social media among an intimate tribe of amazing women I would love for you to join us.

This is my activism

I often wonder if I'm doing enough. I'm so driven by social justice and community that I feel a sense of urgency to stay informed of everything going on, and do absolutely everything I can - volunteer, protest, hold elected officials accountable - to help move the needle towards fairness and justice. I've always felt that way, ever since I was a little girl.

Admittedly, it can be exhausting.

More recently I had what I can only call an awakening. All of a sudden it came to me.

I spend my days helping women own their power, follow their dreams, find and nurture their tribes and become self sufficient and financially independent. I help women find their voice - loud and confident. I help women make their mark in the world and leave a legacy of good - for themselves, their families and their communities. 

If we didn't already realize what an absolutely revolutionary concept that is, even in 2017, I think many of us are waking up to it.

So this is my true activism: you opening these emails, anyone believing in themselves just a little bit more, anyone feeling brave enough to own who they are in their brand and discover a place of power within themselves.

I live in full confidence that we will be led by a tribe of powerful, confident, loving, empathetic, community-driven women -- holding their place as leaders alongside amazing men who honor and support and stand with us.

And hell, if that happens to rattle or scare anyone, well...that's just gravy. 

*If you've been waiting for the right time to fully and authentically define your brand and a plan for your social media among an intimate tribe of amazing women - the next Group Strategy Day is coming up on March 14th. There are already only four spots left. Learn more and book your spot here. Two payment option is available.*

The future is female. 

On full moons and intentions

On Friday I went out with an old friend. She's been talking about starting her own business for the past couple of years. She's taken several classes, she's planned it all out, she knows what she needs to do. Life has also gotten in the way: family commitments, exhaustion, and frankly a little fear of making the jump.

Over the past few months she had a health scare and it seemed to be the push she needed. She woke up to the life she wanted to lead, the risks she was comfortable taking, and the business she is finally moving into. Under a full vibrant moon, over some red wine and pizza she committed to a date for when she's quitting her job and exactly how she's taking her plan into action.

I have never heard her resolve be so strong. This woman is going to have an absolutely amazing, brave, unforgettable 2017.

 I've been learning about astrology lately. When the moon is full it's the absolute best time to set your intentions and declare as specifically as you can what it is that you want in your life. The new moon is the best time to get clear about the stuff holding you back from what you want and to plan what you will ask for later. 

There's a fire in you - whether it is to start something new, keep growing something you've created, or change direction altogether. It's the reason you're still in it. It's the reason you open and read emails like these.

You're not alone. Trust your journey because that fire just won't let you go. Know that. And know that you can get by with a little (or a lot) of help from that beautiful, vibrant full moon, your girlfriends and maybe some pizza and wine too. 

Equal parts strategy and magic

I found myself describing entrepreneurship as equal parts strategy and magic recently. 

It's a simple little recipe and it is so damn powerful. 

A great Strategy is awesome and necessary. The geek in me that loves giant post-its and Sharpies can't turn off that part of my brain. Finding the insights to base the unique approach and creative ideas for your brand is core to getting your business up and running.

The thing is so many people - consciously or unconsciously - stop there.

I've learned that strategy alone isn't gonna do much if you're not ready to make space for what happens when this thing you're creating actually happens.

Magic to me is a term that embodies everything that leads to you manifesting what you want. That includes getting out of your own way to let it happen. That magic can take the form of writing down revenue projections, hypnotherapy to get over your money mindset issues, or creating vision boards with a women's circle .

The magic part is trusting your intuition that your strategy is sound. You have to let it work and believe it can be amazing.  

As women we often don't even believe that we can succeed with our businesses, not reeeeally. I'm taking "7-figures, keynote speeches, hugely profitable, amazing team, work-as-much-as-I-want" kind of success (or whatever that looks like to you). So many of us get stuck playing small, playing ourselves down, disappointed at a strategy that didn't work.

Sometimes we're the ones that need to make space for it to work. 

Walking into the second month of 2017 this week, I wish you a little more magic - so you can continue to make your those (big) dreams a reality. 

Going deep with social media

I sometimes hear a concern that many social media workshops stay at a superficial or basic level.

The reason for that is there is so much to learn

We could choose any one area of social media and get into it fordaaaays. Unlike other areas of Marketing, social media asks you for designing, copywriting, editing, strategic thinking, analytics, public relations and a side of psychology. Yeah.  

I want to be part of simplifying this all for you as well as help you apply more advanced strategies. 

After coaching dozens of women on social media, I've learned the only way to learn more advanced strategies is to:

  1. split the learning up into chunks and
  2. learn gradually. 

The first thing to think about is your first impression. If you can't get someone to follow you once they find you, you may never get that opportunity back.

So, let's take setting you up right for your social media:  

  • Do you have defined primary and secondary social media platforms? I don't recommend more than 2 primary platforms (unless you have a staff to help you). Set up a role for each of these platforms to serve your broader strategy.  
  • How many new followers are you getting every week on average? How are you converting followers to clients? This may be impacted by the first impression of your social media. Think about your cover photos, profile photos and bio. Make sure they fully represent your vibe (investing in gorgeous photos is essential), and make sure your bio is complete and stays updated with whatever is happening in your business. 
  • What's your social media process? Define how and when you will create content, engage with your community and evaluate how it's going. Make it fit your life! If it's forced, it's not going to work. 

What else would you like to know about setting up your social media? Send me your questions and I'll answer them in one of these notes!

The Lessons of 2016


Fifty two weeks ago I was all like: "Am I really gonna do this? Commit to weekly postsWeekly?!?!"

Turns out that was a solid "Yes."

My first post this year was about the lessons of the previous year. It feels fitting to close out the year in the same way. 


And so, here are the biggies of 2016:

1. Making real room for creativity in my life leads to magic:
This Spring and Summer I spent every Friday afternoon exclusively being creative. I journaled, I did hand lettering, I painted, I shopped for beautiful things. This led to being happier, doing better work, and real clarity about a future creative project. 

2. I can let go of projects that are not working, even if I love themI had to say goodbye to an amazing work partnership this year because it was draining us both. It was an incredible idea that we knew had so much potential. It was also too much with everything else going on. Maybe it will come back one day and we both trust that. And that's OK.  

 Banking on me and what I'm naturally good at has made me so happy and better at my work: This year I decided to let go of the agency model and focus on strategy sessions, coaching and workshops. I knew I was good at teaching and helping women strategize. I also knew I wanted a business model that allowed for flexibility in my work, so I could take a vacation without worrying or just spend more time with the kiddo. I have had to trust my abilities and I haven't let myself down yet.

Trusting my instincts really is half the battle: I've found that knowing what risks to take is a combination of your heart, your head and your gut. For me, I've come to recognize a bit of fear coupled with excitement is usually a sign to seriously explore an opportunity. Then there's a sense of "stepping into" a bigger version of me that sets in and I know to move forward with whatever it is - even if I'm freakin out a bit.       

5. Saying "No" is a gorgeous, gorgeous thing: Seriously, here's how it goes (1) Know what you're about and (2) Say no to things that don't seem right for you, your business or the life you want to live. I know it can feel bad and kind of intense to say no. I also know that especially starting out it can feel like you have to jump on every client and every opportunity. Take a moment to chill and evaluate and stay true to you. You'll be making space for what you *really* love. 

I hope these resonate with you, and that they inspire as you're setting the stage for 2017.  

Life Planning for 2017

On Friday I went to a full-day Mastermind 2017 planning experience hosted by Luly B (I heart her so, so much).

A group of 18 women entrepreneurs gathered make 2017 a phenomenal year for their business. I had already done some of my own reflections and was ready to set a clear plan of action.

In a profoundly wise move, Luly led us in spending a good chunk of time on Friday "LIFE planning": getting clear on how we're spending our time, energy and attention, and the structure and support systems we have and need in our lives. If we don't have this down, we would be lucky to accomplish even a third of our fabulous business plan.

To me, this also means getting clear on my fears, the things I do to self-sabotage, how I celebrate wins, getting to know myself and honoring when I'm being reflective or creative, trusting my intuition, and having an accountability buddy that sees you and is ready to lovingly call you out. (Hi, Nadia). 

I urge you to fit some Life Planning into your goals for 2017, in a way that serves your full life and your business. So much about authentic branding is being real and sharing your full journey, in your own way. Let social and your brand be tools to show your realness, build community and stay on track with your goals. 

What I "should have" accomplished by now

I'm recently obsessed with a book called "In the Company of Women" by Design*Sponge's Grace Bonney. It features 100 inspiring, diverse, uplifting stories of women who went after their dreams. I noticed recently, one thing the features do not show is their age.

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, the older I get I find myself having to battle harder against the pressure of what I should have achieved by now in my professional and personal life.

Simultaneously, I'm also embracing that I feel wiser, closer to myself, I give less f**ks and I'm closer to my sacred feminine than ever.

In this book, the women featured have all accomplished phenomenal ventures. Some of them are in their twenties, and some started empires at 59. 


The thing that makes this book magic is it manages to bring out their bold, confident, daring spirit. They believe in themselves so hard it's beautiful. 

And the question of when this happened in their lives is such an afterthought.

It helps me to remember that Julia Childs started cooking at 37 and Vera Wang opened her design salon at 41. My own mom started her consulting business a couple of years ago. Sheryl Sandberg says "careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder." There is no set path anymore. Set paths are boring. 

As we approach a new year, here's to shedding conventional norms of what we "should be" doing now. Here's to going with our creative flow, staying true to ourselves and creating our own beautiful path along the way.  

2017 Planning, Let's Go!

Working at advertising agencies gives you a great framework for everything that annual "Planning" means. Every year we would meet at a fancy conference room with the client and define the strategy, brainstorm ideas of things we could do and establish high-level project plans of how they would get done. Then, we would meet up again quarterly for new ideas, checking in on our goals and progress, and reassessing the strategy. And there were Strategy, Accounts, Creatives and Media people in the room. 

After two years of working with entrepreneurs, I've seen how successful even a smaller version of that can be for us. 

The new year is such a great opportunity to step back and be more strategic about what you want to do and how you're doing it. It can be a perfect time to set goals and hold yourself accountable. 

Before the end of the year, take at least a couple of hours and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What do you want to accomplish as a business in 2017?Maybe it's something that you weren't ready for before, but are ready now.
  • How much money do you want to make in 2017? Be bold. I know it can be scary, but setting the intention is the first step!
  • What kind of people do you want to work with/ as customers next year? If you want this to change at all, think about how and brainstorm how you can reach more of the people you want.
  • What did you love doing this year? Brainstorm ways of bringing more of this into your life - more of the things that made you feel like "I'm getting paid for this? Yes!"
  • What did you hate this year? Is it necessary? If you can phase it out, do it. If you can't, can you delegate it?
  • Who do you want to partner with? Find local entrepreneurs or businesses with aligned values and brainstorm ways to support each other next year. 
  • How can you feel energized, carefree and in balance next year? Work in self-care and things that make you feel yummy as you plan your year, whether it's pilates, coffee dates, naps or ice cream.

Then, after you've got everything down - sketch out your year, divide it up into four parts and set goals and deadlines for everything you've established for the year and by quarter. If you find a friend you can trust to do this with, it can be way more fun and you get feedback! 

Doing this for myself last year is what led me to let go of the agency model and see that I wanted to work with women entrepreneurs hosting workshops and strategy sessions. So yeah, the insights that can come from this are pretty amazing and huge!

For me, I knew I was on the right track because this whole process - rather than stressing me out, was actually really fun and exciting. I couldn't wait to grab that Sharpie giant post it and start letting it all out.  

If you're down to jam with me on a one-on-one strategy session, simply complete this form and we'll chat! 

Yaaas, you can be a star (Your own way!)

This week I strategized with two different women who are SO ready to step into their light.

They have been in business for years. 
They are successful, but feel stuck. 
They are both called to brand under their own name.
Their vision is bigger than one project.
They see all their ideas under one (deeply personal) value-driven vision.  
They are ready to fully show up for themselves and their communities.

They're also hesitant to come off as "show-offy" or full of themselves.

It's becoming abundantly clear I don't really attract divas! It's been such a beautiful process to coach these women through understanding that:  


"You can do being a *star* in your own way."  

Answering the call to step up into a higher vision of yourself (as a star) can actually be incredibly humbling and selfless. Everyone I've met that feels it, usually has something pretty amazing to offer and we all benefit from seeing it come to life.

No one gets to dictate how you show up. The key is to do it as you are and have the courage and vulnerability to do so. If you are a humble, giving, generous person with kickass value to offer your community - no one will mind your name and photo at the top. No one will mind you taking on the keynote speech spot. 

To the contrary, we will all welcome it and cheer you on. You'll be giving us a chance to see a little bit of ourselves in you. I can hardly think of anything more beautiful, humbling and connecting than that. 

Go on, star ;)

Do It Yourself or Hire Out?

As an entrepreneur, deciding whether you take on your own social media or you hire someone else to do it for you is one of the major decisions you need to make. 

There's lots of ways we can think about this. I like to start with an understanding of what makes a social media presence amazing:

  • It reflects your true unique brand essence and personality.
  • It feels personal and like there are real connections happening
  • It's smart about maintaining client relationships and brings in consistent business.

In most cases for entrepreneurs, I'm firmly on the side of advocating that you and/ or  your team are the best people to create content and engage for your own social media.

It's much harder for an agency to capture your vibe and tone and reflect that. On top of that, with Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, social media is moving towards demanding an immediacy that can be best executed by you and your team. 

So much of the time, the stuff I see from agencies seems watered down, vanilla, and like anyone could have written it for anybody. It's like they're just checking the box and doing the minimum. And that sucks. 

You're better than that.

This is why I restructured my business to go from an agency to coaching and strategy. I saw the potential, magic and excitement in the women entrepreneurs I was meeting already.

I feel called to help you see it and bring it to the world in a way that you look forward to it.

My goal is to make this fun, interesting and energizing for you. The moment you start to see the leads and purchases coming from social media - that is the sweet icing on the cake.