It’s time for you to get clearer about your brand, shine through on your social media and bring in more business like a magnet. 

I know social media can feel intimidating and overwhelming. You end up with nagging thoughts like “I'm not sure my posts are working well enough” and “Why aren’t my followers growing?” It’s easy to feel like giving up.

For a moment, forget about the tricks, and the noise. Here’s what social media is about:

1)   Sharing who you are with the world

2)   Engaging a growing, loyal community

3) Nurturing an experience that drives conversions

That's it. We get stuck when we don’t know how to approach those three steps. That’s where you and I come in. I have one basic principle that guides the way we work:

The magic is already in YOU.

I feel like I advanced and jumpstarted what I have been dreaming about doing with my brand for at least the past 10 years in only 7 weeks of the coaching program! I say that’s a pretty Epic impact!
— Miriam Soberanes, Rare Velvet Designs

There is no one who can establish your social media presence like you. It’s your voice, your story, your vision, your truth, your relationships. You have to shine through in every post and in every comment.

Whether you are starting out with a business idea or have a brand that never quite got its social media groove – let’s turn it around. I can work with you or you + your team. Let’s melt away the “stuck” and let your social media flow, excite you and attract your people like a magnet!  

After working with Gaby, I feel much more comfortable with social media. Prior to working with her, I felt somewhat paralyzed. Social media felt daunting and overall, just too much for me. I felt inexperienced and didn’t know where to start. With Gaby’s help, I’ve noticed that each day I feel more and more empowered with each post. Thanks Gaby!
— Ines Battistini, Joy Strategist


In a period of 90-days you can turn things around completely when it comes to how confidently and successfully you are sharing your story and engaging online. Here's how it works: 

1)   Branding Work: In order to jump on the coaching program, you have to be ready - you know your brand inside and out and have a clear idea of your content strategy. 

2)  In-Person Coaching Sessions: We'll start and end with an in-person coaching session to jumpstart the impact, get clear on your priorities, and have a solid plan to keep your progress going. The program will be tailored to you.

3)  Coaching Sessions (calls): We'll have calls every other week with teaching, worksheets, homework. In between, you'll have weekly access to me for questions, feedback. You'll also have loving support, and nagging texts with funny gifs to keep you accountable.  

  • Topics can range from social media graphic design tips to setting up collaborations with influencers.  
  • You’ll receive tailored worksheets and resources specific to you and your needs.
  • You’ll have step-by-step instructions to practice and get clear on what you're learning.
  • Every other week, we’ll have a 60-minute session, focusing where it makes sense for you. 

I recently wanted to start using Twitter but didn’t know where to start. Gaby prepared a simple yet thorough presentation that was tailored to achieving my specific goals on the platform. She demystified the platform and gave me important tips on how to maximize my exposure and efficiently manage my time. A one-on-one session then gave me the opportunity to ask questions and do a walk-thru together. Anytime I have any questions regarding the overwhelming world of social media, I always turn to Gaby to give me straight answers and clear the noise!
— Olga Granda Scott, Executive Director Coconut Grove Playhouse Foundation

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