The Jupiter Corporate & Organizational Workshop

When you have a team inside your company or organization that can manage your brand's social media and they are excited to do so, this is the best scenario to get the work done.

Social media requires a deep understanding of the culture and feel of your organization and demands an immediacy that can best be handled by your team. 

I have created a Social Media Workshop program designed to empower your team and make the most of their talents and experiences. The program has three components:  


We'll come together as a team to define the brand, key messages, priorities and develop a plan to execute a strategy on social media that supports organizational goals. 



The team will learn the most important tactics to maintain engaged communities online. We will also outline the internal process custom to your organization to actually get it all done.


COACHING sessions

We'll set up 3 - 5 coaching sessions post-workshop to check-in, provide guidance on implementing processes, upcoming initiatives and more technical training (i.e., Facebook advertising). 

We learned so much! How hashtags are used and also got introduced to Instagram Stories. Not to mention all the cool apps that can help you build your brand. The workshop helped us to understand our roles within the team for social media world and create a procedure for who, when and how content is posted.
— Miami Theater Company

The program is typically divided into two days, so that participants can have a chance to process and apply the learnings.

Social Media workshop with a group of Cuban journalists from 14ymedio. 

Social Media workshop with a group of Cuban journalists from 14ymedio. 

Every workshop experience is tailored and customized to your team, your organization, and your industry. As part of the workshop preparation, I will complete a full industry and company brand & social media audit. 

Learn more about how social media platforms and content marketing can energize your team and grow your business with this unique workshop experience. 


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