Telling your story authentically and consistently is the most impactful way to build relationships with your people, turning them from fans into lifelong clients. 


Once you get clear on your brand and your story, the question turns to your content. How is it uniquely yours? How is it compelling? Where will you tell your story? How?

A social media workshop empowers you to take ownership over your brand and message and understand the diverse possibilities to connect with your people.

When this is clear, you don't get stuck creating content, you don't doubt your direction or whether it's working. You are moving forward confidently every day with a clear strategy and key benchmarks of your success. 

We learned so much! How hashtags are used and also got introduced to Instagram Stories. Not to mention all the cool apps that can help you build your brand. The workshop helped us to understand our roles within the team for social media world and create a procedure for who, when and how content is posted.
— Miami Theater Company

A social media workshop dives into: 

  • Identifying, finding and engaging your people online consistently
  • Working with influencers and partnerships to amplify your message
  • Your social media processes - frequency, automation, roles, etc.
  • The unique tactics that will work for you, from hashtags to bios
  • The insights that you need to understand about your brand online
  • The unique strategic approach you'll take - your content strategy
  • The primary platforms you will choose to tell your story
  • Brainstorming content 
Social Media workshop with a group of Cuban journalists from 14ymedio. 

Social Media workshop with a group of Cuban journalists from 14ymedio. 


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